The Telkom Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) is a research unit hosted within the the Department of Computer Science at the University of Fort Hare.

M & D Session at SAICSIT

Mr Anesu Marufu, a first year Masters of Science in Computer Science within the Telkom Centre of Excellence, attended the South African Institute of Computer Scientists and Information Technologists (SAICSIT) conference which was held in Centurion - Tshwane, on the 1st to 3rd October 2012.

Mr Marufu attended the Masters and Doctorate symposium to present his work on "Security enhancement framework for mobile commerce in an ICT4D context" which essentially looks at undertaking an extensive evalution of security threats on mCommerce platform usage in Information and Communication Technologies for Development contexts and subsequently drawing up a framework to inform deployment of such services and platforms in rural marginalized communities.

Best Work-in-Progress paper at SATNAC

The University of Fort Hare send a delegation of six people to the Southern African Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC) which was held on the 2nd to 5th September 2012 at Fancourt in

Siyakhula Living Lab workshop

The Centre of Excellence in ICT for Development hosted a Siyakhula Living Lab workshop on the 1st of August 2012 at the University of Fort Hare campus in Alice. The aim of the workshop was primarily to get the various people within the SLL eco-system, that is Telkom Centre of Excellence at Rhodes University, Siyakhula Living Lab, Dwesa, Reed House System and Telkom Centre of Excellence at Fort Hare, to come together in a single place to reconnect with the aims and objectives of the project, to connect with and get to know other researchers, discuss the current operations of SLL and brainstorm about the future trajectory of the project.

A visit by the VC

Dr Tom, the Vice Chancellor at UFH, yesterday visited the Telkom CoE in ICT for Development. As part of the meeting, three of our senior postgraduate student's (Ms Makamba, Mr Mhlana and Mr Sibewu) gave quick presentations and overview of the research work that they are currently undertaking and how that fits into the overall operations/research of the CoE through the Siyakhula Living Lab.

Community Engagement workshop .. .

Ms Makaziwe Makamba represented the Department and the Telkom Centre of Excellence at the recently held Community Engagement workshop. This workshop was organized at a faculty level and was aimed at identifying the various CE activities that are undertaken within the Faculty. The operations at the Siyakhula Living Lab (and the supporting ecosystem) were presented to give a highlight of the work that the center has been undertaking since 2005 which has a large CE component and focus.

"Partnerships for grassroots innovation" @ NACI

[Pretoria] Dr Thinyane was invited to give a presentation at the National Advisory Council on Innovation (NACI) on the 3rd of November. The presentation, which was attended by individuals from various NACI sub-committees, was titled "Partnerships for grassroots innovation" and it discussed :

  • the key relationships that are necessary to support grassroots innovation
  • the living lab model as a methodology/tool for multi-stakeholder engagement on innovation
  • the innovation ecosystem that consists of the Telkom Centres of Excellence (a Fort Hare and Rhodes), the Siyakhula Living Lab and ReedHouseSystems

DTI 2011 Technology Awards

The Head of the CoE was nominated and subsequently received an award at the DTI 2011 technology awards held in Polokwane on the 21st of October. The awards ceremony featured 30 other companies, projects and individuals contending for 10 category awards supported by the following DTI’s technology programmes: Support Programme for Industrial Innovation (SPII), Technology and Human Resource for Industry Programme (THRIP), and the Seda Technology Programme (STP).

The Finnish Connection

The Centre of Excellence has established and will soon be formalizing a collaboration with SoberIT - Aalto University in Helsinki Finland. As part of this collaboration, Mr Nobert Jere, a second year doctorate student with the Telkom Centre of Excellence is on his second visit to Aalto University. During the two months visit, Mr Jere is part of a project that looks at innovative information distribution channels both for developed and emerging markets.

Time at ReedHouseSytems . . .

Mr Wandile Sibewu spent some time at  ReedHouseSystems, a software factory based in Grahamstown linked to the operations of the CoE. Mr Sibewu was at RHS as a student developer working on integrating the application that he is developing into the TeleWeaver middleware. This exchange represents a critical link in the innovation value chain where students from the Centre are able to learn and practice the industry-standard software development techniques, while at the same time having the opportunity to integrate their applications into a stable ICTD middleware platform.

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