Siyakhula Living Lab workshop

The Centre of Excellence in ICT for Development hosted a Siyakhula Living Lab workshop on the 1st of August 2012 at the University of Fort Hare campus in Alice. The aim of the workshop was primarily to get the various people within the SLL eco-system, that is Telkom Centre of Excellence at Rhodes University, Siyakhula Living Lab, Dwesa, Reed House System and Telkom Centre of Excellence at Fort Hare, to come together in a single place to reconnect with the aims and objectives of the project, to connect with and get to know other researchers, discuss the current operations of SLL and brainstorm about the future trajectory of the project.

The workshop saw approximately 25 people attending the work, and the deliberation started in the morning, till mid-afternoon. One of the main achievements of the workshop was to expose individual researchers to the larger picture of SLL, and for each person to understand their role within the eco-system. Networking between researches and identification of various research links, directions and clusters were also key benefits that were derived from the workshop. The idea of an over-arching SLL workshop between the various SLL stakeholders and partners is something that has been adopted as a must-do at least once per year.

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