Best Work-in-Progress paper at SATNAC

The University of Fort Hare send a delegation of six people to the Southern African Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC) which was held on the 2nd to 5th September 2012 at Fancourt in George. The theme of the conference was "Internet of Things - smart homes and cities ... Evolution or Tsunami?" which essentially saw lots of plenary presentations on the impact and implications of "a billion connected devices" on Telcos networks and operations.

While the focus was largely on the Internet of Things and the high-end developments around handling the increased bandwidth requirements, handing the demands for innovative business models, leveraging the connectivity between the "billion" devices to develop innovative applications and services, etc, the importance of addressing issues of basic connectivity to the currently un-connected communities, and the issues of dealing with underlying IT readiness precursors such as education and social well-being, was highlighted, particularly through the welcome speech of Prof Derrick Swartz, the VC of NMMU.

The Telkom Center of Excellence in ICT for Development, had poster presentations and an oral presentation at the conference. Mr Ngwenya, Mr Mfenyana, Mr Dube gave poster presentations, and Mr Lose gave an oral presentation. The work of Mr Lose received the best Work-in-Progress paper award at the conference for his paper titled "A Cloud Computing Platform to Augment Mobile Phone Use in Marginalized Rural Areas".

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