Choice of Mobile Gateway

When we talk about mobile banking technologies, it can either be on server side or client side. Client-side applications are applications that reside on the consumers SIM card or on their actual mobile phone device. Client-side technologies include J2ME and S@T.Server-side applications are developed on a server away from the consumer mobile phone or SIM card. Server-side technologies include USSD2, IVR, SSMS and WAP.Different operators worldwide have used these technologies, e.g., G-Cash (Philippines), Wizzit (South Africa), and FNB (South Africa) use SMS, IVR and USSD. Obopay (US) and FNB (SouthAfrica) use J2ME, WAP and HTTP. STK is used by G-Cash (Philippines), M-pesa (Kenya), Smart (Philippines) and MTN (South Africa).Every technology mentioned above both in the client side as well as on the server side has its advantages and disadvantages. As we talk about the rural markets it is very important to consider the characteristics of that market and select a technology that caters to its needs effectively and the basic financial services are delivered up to the last mile.  

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