ICT infrastructure

ICT infrastructure should be in place for rural areas to benefit from ICT services?

ICT infrastructure

i agree that ICT infrastructure should be in place. If we really consider the areas where such infrastructures are available and those to which an infrastructure is to be placed one can tell the gap in advancement maybe big. allow me to speculate and say rural areas will never benefit fully from ICT's without an initial establishment of the necesarry ICT infrastructure

Of course ICT infrastructure

Of course ICT infrastructure is a pre-requisite to having any ICT services and solutions, but what is usually not considered (or ignored) are all the other factors that have to also be in place to ICT adoption to take place :

  • community buy-in
  • community readiness
  • relevance of the ICT solutions
  • sustainability plan for the interventions
  • etc

so are those equally important, or is there a level of prioritization that should be made?

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