Mobile Phones in Africa

With all the predictions that South Africa's (third-world/developing countries) mobile phone usage trends improving due to the introduction of cheaper smartphone models that cost less than R 1,000.00. It's easy to forget how the majority of the worlds mobile users still make calls and access data via feature phones. Below we have a graph ( showing  the global smartphone penetration rate (by OS) is at  27% {2011}.  In Africa the 85 percent of the mobile-only Web users access the Web with a feature phone, and it is predicted that by 2015 Africa will have 5,6 feature phones (non-smartphones) for every 1 smartphone. The figure below ( gives an overview of smartphones versus feature penetration in Africa. Also, a recently released report ("The New Wave" by Indra de Lanerolle of Wits) found that the majority of RSA's Internet users live on less than R 1,500.00 per month. Cheap smartphone model to improve mobile phone usage trends; When? 

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