Mobile WiMAX versus TD-LTE

Some people believed that Mobile WiMAX was going to be the most popular wireless technology to provide the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA). This was mainly because of the FDD technique which LTE was using. However with the development of TD-LTE initially pushed by China Mobile and regarded as a mainly Chinese standard, similarly to TD-SCDMA, LTE is now being considered as the future technology.According Monica Paolini, "WiMAX operators will also be barely affected by TD-LTE in the short term. WiMAX is years ahead in terms of technological maturity, devices and ecosystem. This gives them a strong advantage in comparison to TD-LTE operators: They know the technology already, they have a network, and they have customers. They also have the choice whether to switch to TD-LTE or not--and, more importantly, they have no pressure to do so before TD-LTE has reached the maturity they feel comfortable with or until the WiMAX 16m prospects become clearer."She also went on saying WiMAX is winning the war but losing the battle, mainly because WiMAX have been deployed since 2006 while TD-LTE is yet to be tested

and the local situation?

And what do you think will be the situation locally (also in rural areas), will LTE be the WBA technology of choice or Mobile WiMAX. Extrapolating from the current scenario with WiFi and 3G, it might be that LTE will become more prevalent.

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