Services in need in emerging markets

Some of the important ICT services required in Emerging market like Africa  are: Educational information, Agricultural information, latest updates on market , health information Majority of the population in emerging market lives in rural areas and lack access to information

bringing ICT research closer

How is it that we do research in ICT4D in distant rural environments but not here in our rural institution. A question that bugs me at the beginning of every semester is course content. In order to make sure that our students get the best education for their level of preparedness and resources, which material should we cover in courses? For example, in my upcoming Algorithms course, should we cover complexity theorem (bigO notation and the like?), algorithm correctness proofs (eg. induction and recurrance relations) ?  Optimization methods? Which sorting algorithms do we cover? etc. I am interested to hear what our graduate students think... what do you wish you had learned in Algorithms?

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