SOA adaptors to integrate third-party eServices into the Teleweaver middleware

February 2011

- progress report

>> A blog posting on the research rumble


March 2011

<< 1st - Missed a meeting

<< 8th - not in the lab in the afternoon

- Research proposal - version 1

<< late submission of the iWay document - apparently due to slow internet

- iWay and Netweaver discussion - version 1


>>>>> Meeting on the 15th <<<<<<<<<


  • modernization of legacy (and third-party) eServices and integration into the teleweaver middleware (evolved architectures e.g. SOA)


  • initial installation of oscommerce and moodle - still need to fix the configuration
  • finished reading the equinox and osgi documentation

To do :

  • send the updated version of the iWay discussion (15th March)
  • configure moodle and oscommerce (for full functioning)
  • download equinox and osgi development tools and start developing initial bundles
  • update the proposal as well - based on the discussion and feedback (on the 18th March)


>> Submitted version two of IWay discussion document

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