Research Updates

shadreck The future of networking lies in the deployment of IPv6 and development of devices that support this next generation internet protocol 7 years ago
thoba ...more Africans have access to mobile phones than to clean drinking water...? 7 years ago
sizwe Finalising my 1st draft thesis even though I am having a hard time on my results and discussion chapter. 8 years ago
sthembiso Just worked on ZA-WWW conference for Posters. 8 years ago
thoba Jackrabbit... (~@*@~) 8 years ago
thoba Busy with ownCloud... 8 years ago
anesu Dissecting Mobile antivirus applications 8 years ago
anesu Which stakeholders should be engaged in an attempt to better improve or enhance security of M-Commerce systems? 8 years ago
anesu SATNAC paper submitted successfully,now getting down to the real research... 8 years ago
thoba Cleaning up my SATNAC WIP for submission... 8 years ago
sthembiso @thoba we should work on our SATNAC papers tommorow, 2 heads is better than 1! 8 years ago
thoba SATNAC WIP... ~(0)*(0)~ 8 years ago
mthinyane @sizwe what specifically do you have in mind? 8 years ago
mthinyane @sthembiso one of you guys should just reconfigure that AP ... 8 years ago
sthembiso CoE 1 is still down... 8 years ago
thoba Busy with my research... (~@*@~) 8 years ago
elikulwayo This portal is beautiful 8 years ago
sizwe I am working on my research analysis trying to find the best model to analyze ma data with. any help 8 years ago
mthinyane finishing setting up the research websites and the ldap server.... 8 years ago
nombulelo updating my online cv for the nrf bursary application! 9 years ago
nombulelo Going through notes taken from the LLiSA conference in Grahams town. 9 years ago
makaziwe attending LLiSA workshop 9 years ago
wandile In the process of moving my system to Eclipse, This is so I can easily create OSGI bundles that can seamlessly integrate with Teleweaver. 9 years ago
makaziwe Writing a paper for Satnac. 9 years ago
nombulelo Working on my proposal 9 years ago

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