Research Updates

nombulelo Eish this internet is super slow, somebody please help! 9 years ago
akhona I'm trying to comprehend Yii, CodeIgniter and CakePHP. 9 years ago
wandile Experiencing problems with plain text when I try printing it with Java Print API (JPS), switching to Java 2D Print API, for a quick check! 9 years ago
makaziwe Investingating the flexibility of teleweaver middleware. 9 years ago
makaziwe Working on my proposal 9 years ago
akhona I'm writing project proposal at the sametime creating MVC short notes. 9 years ago
wandile Compiling the slides for the first masters presentation this year. 9 years ago
mthinyane will be setting up squid and ldap for 3G connection later - should make a tiny bit of difference.. . 9 years ago
mthinyane @makaziwe just focus initally on the integration of eCommerce and eLearning applications into the middleware . . 9 years ago
nombulelo Im working on my proposal 9 years ago
makaziwe Investigating the importance of integrating the legacy application with SOA Middleware. 9 years ago
mthinyane There's a trip to Dwesa tomorrow (22/02/2011), and Mitchell is sorting out the logistics for that... 9 years ago
mthinyane » nombulelo You haven't been at work pretty much the whole afternoon today. . . 9 years ago
mthinyane » makaziwe You haven't been at work pretty much the whole afternoon today. . . 9 years ago
wandile This week is about writing, correcting chapter 1, chapter 3, writing the progress report and starting on the presentation. 9 years ago
makaziwe Looking at the current eServices that will provide flexibility and benefit different services. 9 years ago
nobert The Future ---- Farmers from Nigeria to get free mobile phones next year. Seems like Nigeria Govt is taking a page from India 9 years ago
mthinyane IST Africa conference, call for papers - Submissions due 30th November 2010. 9 years ago
nkanyiso looking at different tools for support of wireless network such as kismet and airmagnet. Chapter writing 10 years ago
nkanyiso chapter writing 10 years ago
ngwenya Working on the captive portal front page 10 years ago
ngwenya Testing and deployment of the system for use in the Students hostels and developing billing schemes that suit the scenario. 10 years ago
nkanyiso looking at Bypassing Mac Filtering in hotspots 10 years ago
nkanyiso busy with chapter writing and looking at NoCatAuth Gateway and Authentication Server configurations 10 years ago
ngwenya 1. Working on system requirement chapter and methods 2. Working on the system interface and billing plans 10 years ago

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