Research Updates

nombulelo Eish this internet is super slow, somebody please help! 8 years ago
akhona I'm trying to comprehend Yii, CodeIgniter and CakePHP. 8 years ago
wandile Experiencing problems with plain text when I try printing it with Java Print API (JPS), switching to Java 2D Print API, for a quick check! 8 years ago
makaziwe Investingating the flexibility of teleweaver middleware. 8 years ago
makaziwe Working on my proposal 8 years ago
akhona I'm writing project proposal at the sametime creating MVC short notes. 8 years ago
wandile Compiling the slides for the first masters presentation this year. 8 years ago
mthinyane will be setting up squid and ldap for 3G connection later - should make a tiny bit of difference.. . 8 years ago
mthinyane @makaziwe just focus initally on the integration of eCommerce and eLearning applications into the middleware . . 8 years ago
nombulelo Im working on my proposal 8 years ago
makaziwe Investigating the importance of integrating the legacy application with SOA Middleware. 8 years ago
mthinyane There's a trip to Dwesa tomorrow (22/02/2011), and Mitchell is sorting out the logistics for that... 8 years ago
mthinyane » nombulelo You haven't been at work pretty much the whole afternoon today. . . 8 years ago
mthinyane » makaziwe You haven't been at work pretty much the whole afternoon today. . . 8 years ago
wandile This week is about writing, correcting chapter 1, chapter 3, writing the progress report and starting on the presentation. 8 years ago
makaziwe Looking at the current eServices that will provide flexibility and benefit different services. 8 years ago
nobert The Future ---- Farmers from Nigeria to get free mobile phones next year. Seems like Nigeria Govt is taking a page from India 8 years ago
mthinyane IST Africa conference, call for papers - Submissions due 30th November 2010. 8 years ago
nkanyiso looking at different tools for support of wireless network such as kismet and airmagnet. Chapter writing 8 years ago
nkanyiso chapter writing 8 years ago
ngwenya Working on the captive portal front page 8 years ago
ngwenya Testing and deployment of the system for use in the Students hostels and developing billing schemes that suit the scenario. 8 years ago
nkanyiso looking at Bypassing Mac Filtering in hotspots 8 years ago
nkanyiso busy with chapter writing and looking at NoCatAuth Gateway and Authentication Server configurations 8 years ago
ngwenya 1. Working on system requirement chapter and methods 2. Working on the system interface and billing plans 8 years ago

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