Research Updates

nkanyiso chapter writing 10 years ago
nobert finalising project proposal 10 years ago
ngwenya Moving Siyakhula Revenue Management System(SRMS) to cakephp version 1.1 which is compatible with hotcakes platform. 10 years ago
wandile Creating the SATNAC Poster today! 10 years ago
nkanyiso cabling nqabara and performing a series of network performance experiements 10 years ago
mthinyane sorting out SATNAC logistics... 10 years ago
mthinyane @wandile use a PDF printer in the meantime... 10 years ago
wandile Waiting For Mamello to finish configuring the printer so I can test classes for printing a .txt doc, a .doc doc and a .pdf doc. 10 years ago
ngwenya Fixing the migrated Appl to Hotcakes. & chapter writing in progress. Experiencing problems with cake 1.1 and 1.2 compatibility. 10 years ago
nkanyiso busy with chapter writing 10 years ago
mthinyane @kunjuzwa servlets are going to force you to have your platform as a web application vs. if u add the socket app to your current platform 10 years ago
ngwenya Migrating the nonconventional application to hotcakes 10 years ago
kunjuzwa Currently, I am working on writing my chapter two. 10 years ago
kunjuzwa I have developed a Java network application and I find it difficult to troubleshoot. I personally prefer Java Servlets. 10 years ago
ngwenya fixed the problem, just pointed my display() action from permanentUsers controller to pdf output configeration file and it worked thanks 10 years ago
mthinyane @takonewa touch base with Jimmy, he has been working with SOAP on PHP. . . 10 years ago
wandile Trying to configure the COE printer in Ubuntu to test my java printer classes. 10 years ago
takonewa Trouble with UsernameToken over php soap extensions, any idea? 10 years ago
jimmy Finally I managed to design a RUI for my project. 10 years ago
mthinyane @ngwenya any progress on this? 10 years ago
ngwenya Thanx shumba thats the first site which i got to but the tutorial is outdated and provides very basic info on the subject......Thanx 10 years ago
shumba m not sure check this one 10 years ago
ngwenya Anyone to assist with configuring cakephp to use pdf for output? 10 years ago
ngwenya Have so far developed four billing plans for prepaid users and in the process of building some for post paid users 10 years ago
mthinyane » hlungulu There's an example here - 10 years ago

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