Research Updates

takonewa @jimmy Did you get openfire working? Unfortunattely i will be not around for long 9 years ago
takonewa @wandile Glassfish work better, are you using Axis2 web services? 9 years ago
takonewa @wandile For eclipse to work fine use the synaptic package and correct the bug that prevents proper loading of the proxy, it will work fine 9 years ago
takonewa Zen cart and osCommerce functionalities through SOAP {php SOAP extensions} 9 years ago
mthinyane tidying up the research portal... and sorting out progress reports 9 years ago
wandile considering making a clean installation of eclipse and tomcat6, its giving me init() error. 9 years ago
hlungulu Is strugling with RAP resource centric model, failing to to troubleshoot his code. *Sad* 9 years ago
kunjuzwa I am still reading about the Java network application. I haven't written any code with it. 9 years ago
mthinyane @shumba check out LTSP setup on ubuntu server, you might need another server to play around with that, and perhaps a switch as well? 9 years ago
shumba Working on net booting. Any ideas? 9 years ago
wandile Learning to develop web services using Eclipse + Tomcat6 and also using Netbeans + Glassfish, comparing the to combinations of tools. 9 years ago
jimmy Sorting out the IM interface for the project 9 years ago
hlungulu This morning I'm still trying to find simple ways of developing this interface, nothing much. 9 years ago
mthinyane » kunjuzwa Did you manage to get on top of developing a JAVA network application, instead of using a servlet to handle user's calls into your system? 9 years ago
mthinyane » hlungulu So what are you working on this morning? 9 years ago
hlungulu Working on developing an interface that allows collection of medical IK (C) 9 years ago
kunjuzwa Working on providing dial-in functionality for the telephony services 9 years ago
mthinyane well, have just migrated the web server to a new machine... still polishing things up a bit 9 years ago
mthinyane transferring the projects information across to this website, profile information to follow 9 years ago
mthinyane working on the website 9 years ago

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