Research Updates

takonewa @jimmy Did you get openfire working? Unfortunattely i will be not around for long 10 years ago
takonewa @wandile Glassfish work better, are you using Axis2 web services? 10 years ago
takonewa @wandile For eclipse to work fine use the synaptic package and correct the bug that prevents proper loading of the proxy, it will work fine 10 years ago
takonewa Zen cart and osCommerce functionalities through SOAP {php SOAP extensions} 10 years ago
mthinyane tidying up the research portal... and sorting out progress reports 10 years ago
wandile considering making a clean installation of eclipse and tomcat6, its giving me init() error. 10 years ago
hlungulu Is strugling with RAP resource centric model, failing to to troubleshoot his code. *Sad* 10 years ago
kunjuzwa I am still reading about the Java network application. I haven't written any code with it. 10 years ago
mthinyane @shumba check out LTSP setup on ubuntu server, you might need another server to play around with that, and perhaps a switch as well? 10 years ago
shumba Working on net booting. Any ideas? 10 years ago
wandile Learning to develop web services using Eclipse + Tomcat6 and also using Netbeans + Glassfish, comparing the to combinations of tools. 10 years ago
jimmy Sorting out the IM interface for the project 10 years ago
hlungulu This morning I'm still trying to find simple ways of developing this interface, nothing much. 10 years ago
mthinyane » kunjuzwa Did you manage to get on top of developing a JAVA network application, instead of using a servlet to handle user's calls into your system? 10 years ago
mthinyane » hlungulu So what are you working on this morning? 10 years ago
hlungulu Working on developing an interface that allows collection of medical IK (C) 10 years ago
kunjuzwa Working on providing dial-in functionality for the telephony services 10 years ago
mthinyane well, have just migrated the web server to a new machine... still polishing things up a bit 10 years ago
mthinyane transferring the projects information across to this website, profile information to follow 10 years ago
mthinyane working on the website 10 years ago

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